2015 total road accidents in Algeria

According to a recent report, the Algerian roads recorded a total of 20 361 accidents in 2015. This figure decreased by 16.51% compared to 2014.
The number of deaths recorded reached 3801 (-4.59% compared to 2014). As for the total number of casualties, it has declined, from 17.71% to 36 657 over the past year.

The human factor is responsible for 91.76% of the accidents while 8.24% are attributable to road conditions.
The age group of drivers most involved in the occurrence of accidents is between 25 and 34 years old (35.5%).
Statistics compiled according to the seniority of driving licenses showed that new drivers (license of less than two years) are responsible for 42% of accidents.

A study by the Algerian union of insurance and reinsurance companies (UAR), published in November 2015, estimates that the net economic losses caused by road accidents amount to 100 billion DZD (932 million USD) per year.

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