A second major earthquake in less than 15 days

A new earthquake of magnitude 7.1 hit Central Mexico, including the capital Mexico City. This earthquake dated September 19, 2017 occured eleven days after the one of the 8th of the same month with a magnitude of 8.1 on the Richter scale.

The first human toll, 24 hours after the tragedy, has reported 216 deaths with a multitude of houses and buildings destroyed or damaged. To protect itself against this type of catastrophe, the Mexican government has recently signed a cat bond contract "FONDEN 2017" with a value of 360 million USD.

According to the firm AIR Worldwide, the losses insured following the September 8, 2017 earthquake would range between 786 million USD and 1.124 billion USD. Those caused by the second earthquake of 19 September 2017 should largely exceed this amount.

The last earthquake of 19 September 2017 took place, to the day, thirty-two years after the 1985 earthquake which claimed the lives of nearly 10 000 people and injured 30 000 others. The material damage was considerable.

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