Adama Ndiaye reported on the progress of FANAF's activities

In an interview with French magazine "L' Argus de l' assurance", Adama Ndiaye, current president of the FANAF , gave an update on the progress of activities of the federation.

According to the president , two important reforms have been finalized and are awaiting adoption. These are:

  • The reform of the system of compensation for personal injuries resulting from traffic accidents: through the establishment of mechanisms of faster care for the victims and more substantial compensation.
  • The reform of the system of financial communication of the companies: by establishing a closer monitoring and greater transparency.

A. Ndiaye also mentioned a reform being finalized, the regulation of reinsurance . This should allow monitoring the implementation of reinsurers and better understand their solvability.

Asked about the reform of Article 13 of the Code Cima, Adama Ndiaye argues the fall in arrears rates will represent less than 3% of the industry's sales in late 2014 against 55% before the reform.

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