Alarming figures of driving without insurance

According to figures provided by the guarantee fund for compulsory property insurance (FGAO), between 500 000 and 1 million four-wheelers and two-wheelers vehicles, would roll without insurance on French roads.

In 2017, 27 970 of the files handled by the office in charge of compensating victims of road accidents are caused by uninsured drivers. 60% of drivers are under 35 and 80% of them are men. The figure remains alarming although it slightly decreased compared to the two previous years (28 299 in 2016 against 28 435 in 2015).

According to Julien Rencki, general manager of the FGAO, the causes of uninsurance rest mainly on delinquency, often associated with dangerous driving behavior, and on negligence as well. Many drivers would thus forget to get insured or continue to drive after the termination or suspension of the contract. Adding to this, the main users of the vehicle who declare themselves as occasional drivers only.

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