Algeria highly exposed to major risks

risksAccording to the expert Abdelkrim Chelghoum, the four major risks facing Algeria are:

  • Petrochemical and industrial risks: refineries, gas and oil complexes
  • Pandemic and epidemic risks: Covid-19 and other chronic epidemics (cholera, typhoid fever, etc.)
  • Environmental and climatic risks: risk of oil spills on the 1200km coastline, forest fires, etc.
  • Natural disaster risks: earthquakes, floods.

The professor’s report was broadcasted on a local radio station on the eve of the 19th anniversary of the catastrophic floods of Bab El Oued (Algiers) which took place in 10 November 2001. The large-scale Algiers disaster, caused the death of 800 people along with 30 billion DZD (232.25 million USD) of material damages.

According to the risk management expert, Algeria has witnessed 120 big disasters since November 2001.

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