Algerian insurance market: results 2018

statistiquesAccording to the national insurance council (CNA) the Algerian insurance market has recorded a total turnover (direct business and acceptances included) of 142.6 billion DZD (1.193 billion USD) for 2018, thus increasing by 2.2% over one year.

The non-life activity recorded 88.4% of premiums reaching 126 billion DZD (1.1 billion USD), and increasing by 3.2% compared to 2017. In contrast, the life insurance activity declined by 10.5% at 12.2 billion DZD (102 million USD).

The motor class of business remains the most profitable notably after recording 68.9 billion DZD (576 million USD) in premiums in 2018. This activity totals up 48.3% of the total premiums on the market.

The fire and miscellaneous accidents are ranked second after the motor activity with a turnover of 46.6 billion DZD (390 million USD) which represents 32.6% market share. In addition, the «natural disasters» premiums remarkably rose by 66.5%.

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