Altima launches the first usage-based motor policy

Altima, a subsidiary of MAIF, has launched a new motor insurance product for "casual" drivers. A quarter of French motorists drive less than 6,000 km a year and use their cars less than 100 days a year. Despite this fact, the same car rate applies to all drivers, whether they are occasional or regular car users.

The product offered by Altima is a contract by the minute which is more advantageous for occasional drivers. This is a contract inspired by the English concept "pay when you drive".

To calculate the driving time, a control device is installed in the glove box of the insured vehicle. To operate the system, the driver must turn on the GPS and the Bluetooth of his Smartphone.

The contract includes a fixed premium of 25 EUR (31.4 USD) per month, with a variable rate premium of 0.2 EUR ( 0.25 USD) per minute.

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