Amendment of insurance coverage for nuclear power plants

International reinsurance pools specialized in the nuclear business shall no longer cover all the risks as imposed by the Swiss law on third party liability.

Incidents occurring in the power plants following an atomic accident or terrorist attacks, whose amount is between 500 million and one billion CHF (505 million to 1 billion USD) will no longer be covered by private insurers.

They will be borne by the Confederation in return for an increase in premiums from 2% to 3% paid by the Swiss nuclear power plants and the Dépôt Intermédiaire Fédéral pour les Déchets Radioactifs (the federal intermediate deposit for radioactive waste).

Contributions paid to private insurers will decrease by the same amount. A more important revision of the ordinance governing third party liability for nuclear risks by the Federal Council is expected in the medium term.

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