AMI finalised its legal status change

AMI Assurances announced the finalization of the change of its legal status, from mutual to limited company.

The extraordinary general meeting held by the insurer on the 18th October 2014 recorded the realisation of the remaining steps required for this transition, namely:

  • the conversion of the mutual fund of 1 735 140 TND (959 723 USD) into capital, 1 735 140 shares of 1 TND nominal value.
  • the capital subscription by cash injection, for 1 570 000 TND (868 382 USD) by issuing of 1 570 000 shares.

The extraordinary meeting also approved the incorporation of share premiums for 9 915 420 TND (5 484 317 USD), by the allotment of three free shares for each share held, raising the insurer's capital to 13 220 560 TND (7 312 423 USD).

Note that the research of a strategic partner will be monitored by board of directors.

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