Autonomous Ford Mondeo fleet to be tested in London

LondonAxa XL, in collaboration with the British robotics company Oxbotica, has launched the Driven project. The latter aims to introduce and develop driverless vehicle technology in the UK.

A fleet of Ford Mondeo autonomous cars was deployed on October 2019 in East London. The purpose of this important initiative is to demonstrate the ability of these vehicles to drive in a complex urban world.

Launched in 2017 by the government agency Innovate UK, the project cost 17.2 million USD. It brings together local authorities, transport companies, cyber specialists, telephone operators and the insurer Axa XL.

This Axa Group entity is responsible for assessing and covering the risks associated with the design, development, testing and implementation of self-driving car technology. The insurer is already considering a prototype product adapted to this new technology.

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