AXA-AIS partnership : Free insurance by topping-up the phone

AXAThe French insurer AXA offers free insurance to customers of the Thai telephone operator AIS. The guarantee offered covers death, disability and hospitalization.

To join this service, the customer registers for free with the AIS prepaid loyalty program. Once registered, the customer automatically benefits from this coverage as of the top-up of his phone with a minimum value of 1.5 USD per month.

The guarantee offered is limited to:

  • 50 000 THB (1 568 USD) in case of death or disability
  • 500 THB (16 USD) per day to cover the cost of hospitalization

The amounts granted increase with each top-up of the phone.

Thanks to this system, AXA approximates to 33 million AIS subscribers. Since 2015, the two partners AXA and AIS are working to find solutions adapted to the Thai economic and socio-cultural context.

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