Catastrophic cold wave invades Texas

texasOn 15 February 2021, a polar cold wave invaded the southern part of the United States, particularly Texas. According to the local media, the temperature felt reached -18°C in this American state, which is more accustomed to heat waves than to falling temperatures.

This freezing cold episode caused water and electricity cuts and claimed the lives of more than 70 people.

On 21 February 2021, the temperature climbed to 15°C to return to its normal seasonal level. However, 14 million people still have difficulty accessing drinking water and more than 60 000 Texan households are still deprived of electricity.

According to the Accuweather meteorological service, the damage caused by the cold spell is estimated at 50 billion USD.

The Insurance Council of Texas, an association of Texan insurers, believes that the natural disaster could become the most expensive in Texas history for insurers.

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