Covid-19: Africa a unique model of epidemiology

AfricaAs of 1 July 2020, Africa reported 407 977 cases of Covid-19 and 10 184 deaths. The conti-nent, home to 17% of the world's population, accounts for 1.98% of the total number of the coronavirus-related deaths.

Contrary to the forecasts, the mortality rate (or lethality) has stabi-lized at 2.5%, despite the poor means of protection. During the same period, the mortality rate reached 7.8% in Europe and 5.32% in North America.

Since the appearance of the first case in Africa, the continent has witnessed a slow spread of Covid-19. However, an acceleration has been recorded in the last two weeks as the number of cases has doubled.

In Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria and South Africa the contamination is increasing significantly. South Africa alone accounts for 151 209 cases, that is 37% of the number of infected people in the entire continent.

In conclusion, far fewer people die from Covid-19 in Africa than elsewhere. The mortality curve remains very different from that of other continents, making Africa a unique model in terms of epidemiology.

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