COVID-19 cover in Nepal

Covid-19 NépalThe coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Nepal, thus increasing the sales of pandemic coverage. Up to now, the Nepalese non-life insurers have covered 950 000 people against Covid-19, collecting 4.4 million USD in premiums. The insurance policy covers any emergency arising from COVID-19.

The Covid-19 policy is divided in two categories: one for individuals and one for families. Each category comprises two coverage limits:

  • A coverage limit of 836 USD: the premium for individuals is of 8 USD and 5 USD for the family plan.
  • A coverage limit of 418 USD: the premium is of 4 USD for individuals and 2.5 USD for the family plan.

If the insured were to decease, the compensation will be paid to their nearest kin or the beneficiary mentioned in the policy.

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