Covid-19: Numerous Europeans hesitate to take the vaccine

vaccineIn Europe, while some eagerly await the Covid-19 vaccine, others are still reluctant about whether to get the jab.

Many people utterly refuse to be vaccinated, while a large part of the population prefers to wait to assess the medium and long-term side effects.

In Spain, the vaccination campaign shall start in January 2021. However, 40% of citizens are not willing to be vaccinated and would rather wait. In France, 59% of the population is hesitant to take the vaccine.

In other countries, 30% or less people are refusing to receive the vaccine. This is particularly the case in the United Kingdom (15%), Belgium (25%), Germany (29%) and Denmark (30%).

In Eastern Europe, 43% of Poles prefer to wait. In Romania, 1/3 of the population is against vaccination, while another third prefers to learn more about the long-term effects. In Hungary, 47% refuse to get the Covid-19 jab.

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