Covid-19: pandemic-related costs for France

CostEstimated at 86 billion EUR (100.57 billion USD) in 2020, the Covid-19 costs are heavy for France. It is the short-time work scheme that costs the most with 34 billion EUR (39.76 billion USD).

In second place comes the solidarity fund with 19.4 billion EUR (22.68 billion USD). It is intended to provide assistance to small businesses and self-employed workers.

Exceptional health expenditures are estimated at nearly 12 billion EUR (14.03 billion USD). The exemptions from social security contributions enjoyed by companies impacted by Covid-19 amount to 8.2 billion EUR (9.59 billion USD). Ultimately, social benefits represent 2 billion EUR (2.34 billion USD).

Other costs include credits and exceptional aid for the motor and aeronautics industry as well as for self-employed workers and SMEs.

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