Covid-19: the Delta variant, a global nightmare

ccovid-19 allemagneThe Delta variant has made the health situation even more complicated. While several countries have eased their preventive protocol, even going so far as to not wearing masks in public places, the Indian variant has gained more ground.

Since its appearance at the beginning of the year, Delta has been detected in 85 countries. As the variant is extremely virulent, the fear of a new wave of contaminations is worrying several countries where the vaccination rate against Covid-19 is high.

In the United Kingdom, Delta has become the predominant variant. The country hopes to contain its spread by extending the four-week lockdown and by further accelerating the vaccination of the population.

In Portugal, 60% of the new cases detected in Lisbon are infected with the Indian variant. The country is already facing a fourth wave of contagion.

In France, 9 to 10% of the new cases are caused by the Indian strain and vigilance is still required to avoid a contamination outbreak.

In India, a new variant "Delta Plus" has been discovered and it is believed to be even more dangerous. On 24 June 2021, India has placed the following three states on alert: Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh.

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