Covid-19: the five vaccination campaign phases in France

vaccinationIn France, the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 is scheduled to start at the end of December 2020- beginning of January 2021.

As the quantities of vaccine available will not meet the needs of the population at one time, the vaccination campaign will be carried out in five phases.

Phase I:

  • Vaccination of the elderly people in residential institutions for elderly dependent persons (Ehpad),
  • Vaccination of professionals in the health sector, the medico-social sector, health transport, attached to the Ehpad and the Long-Term Care Facilities (USLD) aged over 65 years.

Phase II:

  • Vaccination of people over 75 years of age,
  • vaccination of persons aged 65 to 74 with one or more comorbidity(ies),
  • vaccination of persons aged 65 to 74 without comorbidity,
  • vaccination of professionals in the medico-social sector and medical transport, aged over 50 years.

Phase III:

  • vaccination of people under 65 years of age suffering from one or more comorbidity(ies),
  • vaccination of professionals in the medical-social sector and health transport under the age of 50,
  • vaccination of essential workers (security, education, etc.).

Phase IV:

  • Vaccination of the rest of the most exposed professionals and those considered vulnerable.

Phase V:

  • vaccination of the rest of the population over 18 years of age.

France will have a total of 200 million doses, making it possible to vaccinate 100 million citizens.

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