Covid-19: WHO stresses the need for caution

Covid-19Since mid-June, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been sounding the alarm. The organization's Director-General has long expressed his concerns about the spread of the virus in Latin America and the Middle East, notably after reporting a million new cases worldwide.

The opening of the borders of several countries and the lift of travel restrictions increase the risk of an uncontrolled spread of the pandemic. In contrast, the health situation is improving in several countries, mainly in Europe. Another positive point is that unexpectedly, Africa seems to be less affected than what was forecasted.

The next few weeks shall be crucial. If after the end of lockdown and the opening of borders, the epidemic starts to spread again, the authorities shall reinforce the restrictions. This is already the case in Leicester, United Kingdom where the British government has re-imposed a lockdown of the city due to the infection of 866 people in 14 days.

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