Cyber-attacks have set companies back 30 billion GBP

According to a survey conducted by ISP Beaming agency, cyber-attacks cost British companies nearly 30 billion GBP (36.9 billion USD) in 2016. This estimate is based on a poll carried out with 540 companies.

The findings drawn and later extrapolated at the country’s level, show that one out of two polled companies, a total of 2.9 million companies, said they had been victim of such attacks.

Computer intrusions cost companies 29.1 billion GBP (35.8 billion USD). The techniques of fraud used via phishing and viruses are the most common ones (23% of the cases) whereas hacking and data breach come second (18% of the cases).

While 388 000 attacks by means of racketeering software have been accounted compared to 1.3 million by means of phishing, the former have caused 7.3 billion GBP (8.9 billion USD) in losses versus 5.9 billion GBP (7.2 billion USD) for the latter.

Data theft remains the highest threat to companies as 30% of them are addressing these issues in the board of directors’ meetings.

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