Cyclone Amphan: 15 billion USD of economic losses in South Asia

cyclone AmphanIn May 2020, the Gulf of Bengal (India and Bangladesh) was severely devastated due to cyclone Amphan, the third biggest storm the region has ever witnessed since 1999.

According to estimates by the broker Aon, economic losses may reach 15 billion USD. The damages caused in West Bengal (India) are estimated at 13.5 billion USD while those recorded in Bangladesh are valued at 1.5 billion USD.

The same source stresses that few of the damages are insured. The cyclone Amphan resulted in the death of 103 people in India, 26 in Bangladesh and 4 in Sri Lanka. The number of injured reached 1200.

The initial statistics reported that 2.8 million houses in India and 225 thousand in Bangladesh were completely destroyed or damaged. In addition, the infrastructure et croplands were also severely impacted by the cyclone.

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