E-learning, a skill-improvement tool

The COVID-19 crisis shed light upon distance learning. In fact, E-learning is gaining ground upon face-to-face training as there is no more need for classrooms nor teachers. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. You now have the ability to learn from home, an airplane… anywhere, anytime.

e-learningIn a dynamic and ever-changing sector, insurance jobs are constantly evolving. Divided into several clusters of professions, they are required to meet both customers’ expectations and regulatory requirements. Consequently, the need for upgrading and conducting an on-going training for all staff members, from basic employees to company executives, is urgent. Everyone should keep up with the market developments.

E-learning provides the flexibility sought by all market stakeholders: intermediaries, insurance companies, risk managers, etc. Each learner can train at his/her own pace and according to his/her workload. This gives them the opportunity to be both rapid and skilful, on a daily basis.

A suitable training is provided to each job, level of competence and profile. The activities of design, underwriting, distribution, risk and claim management and accounting require specific skills, both at the level of companies and insurance intermediaries. Thanks to the e-learning, theoretical insurance studies can easily be supplemented by practical cases and real-life simulations.

E-learning may also be advantageous in the sense that the training can simultaneously reach hundreds or even thousands of candidates. It also allows the entirety of the staff to speak the same language thus having a common knowledge. Last but not least, it is the ideal tool for dealing with staff turnover. In only a few days a company can prevent the resignation of its employees. Within the same department or directorate, distance learning can be adapted to each employee according to their profile: beginner, intermediate, expert etc.

In conclusion, the increase in staff skills can only be beneficial. For employees, appropriate training remains the best way to develop their careers.

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