Employment in insurance: the insurers’ wanted profiles

The renewal of the insurance business has led to a quest for new skills. Nevertheless, the insurance market in general is facing a competence shortage. Few candidates have the required level and qualifications.

The most wanted profiles hold an adequate degree, a good adaptability, managerial qualities and an ability to carry out projects.

Insurance: The wanted profiles when recruiting

Employment insuranceThe most wanted profiles of the insurance companies are associated with digital transformation, commercial activities, management of contracts and actuarial activities. Many young graduates are joining distribution networks where they are climbing the different scales of promotion.

The insurance activities related to IT and communication have also flourished. For the latter category, the purpose is to consolidate corporate notoriety, highlight its products and improve the quality of information exchange at both internal and external levels. This group of activities designs and undertakes actions and support for communication.

Recruitment and Feminization of the insurance activity

Numerous companies opt for the recruitment of female staff. This trend is poised to continue in the upcoming years for both core business and sales support activities.

More and more women are holding executive positions. In the United Kingdom, since 1 January 2014, Inga Beale has been the first woman to lead London Lloyd’s. Early 2016, Alice Vaidyan became chief executive officer of Asian reinsurer GIC Re.

In Africa and the Middle East, women are also more present at the top of companies and in management positions. (See Atlas Magazine Nr. 120, April 15: «Special issue dedicated to Women on the Path of Equality»). As an example, Tunisia counts two women chief executive officers and three general managers of insurance companies.

In sub-Sahara Africa, the leader is NSIA group (Côte d’Ivoire) with 23% of general manager positions of the subsidiaries entrusted to women. The latter are also present and in great numbers in the group’s coaching positions. In Lebanon, the voluntarist policy adopted by reinsurance broker Zaris has prompted women to top positions. Over 60% of staff members of the company are women and 50% of them are holding executive positions.

According to the observatory of insurance professions, women account for 60% of the workforce of the French market with 36.9% of them holding coaching posts.

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