European Cities: Top 10 threats affecting economic growth

In collaboration with Cambridge University, the Lloyd's City Risk Index conducted a study of the 22 threats affecting 279 cities that are driving forces of global economic growth.
risk European cities

These 279 cities with a total wealth of 35.4 trillion USD, risk losing an average of 546.5 billion USD a year broken down as follows:

  • 320.1 billion USD for the risks of human origin
  • 226.4 billion USD for natural catastrophes.

In what follows, Atlas Magazine analyzes the risks of 66 European cities divided into two regions: Western Europe and Eastern Europe. These cities that account for 13 percent of the world's wealth may sustain losses of 70.3 billion USD a year.

Top 10 European cities whose economic growth is at risk

In billions USD
RankingCityAnnual amount of expected loss

European cities: Top 10 costliest risks to economic growth

In billions USD
RankingRiskAnnual amount of expected loss
1Market crashes23.51
2Cyber crime9.36
4Human pandemic6.86
5Commodity price shock4.75
6Sovereign defaults2.56
7Civil conflicts2.37
8Solar storms2.13
9Interstate conflicts1.81

Eastern Europe: Top 5 cities whose economic growth is at risk

Eastern Europe is mainly confronted with financial and geopolitical risks: financial crashes represent the first threat, followed by civil conflicts, sovereign defaults, pandemics and inter-state conflicts.

In billions USD
RankingCityRisk valueCostliest Risk
1Moscow6.273Market crash
2St. Petersburg1.446Market crash
3Kiev1.193Market crash
4Warsaw0.807Market crash
5Budapest0.735Market crash

Western Europe: Top 5 cities whose economic growth is at risk

Western Europe is mainly faced with financial threats and IT risks. Next are stock market crashes that have a strong impact on GDP, followed by cyber-attacks, floods, pandemics and commodity price shocks.

In billions USD
RankingCityRisk valueCostliest Risk
1London8.43Market crash
2Paris5.94Market crash
3Madrid3.99Market crash
4Barcelona2.55Market crash
5Milan1.77Market crash
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