Greenpeace voiced sharp criticism over the nuclear insurance system

In a recent report, Greenpeace has severely criticized the insurance system used in the event of a major nuclear event. The NGO denounces a system where the industrialists in charge of the construction of the Fukushima plant are unperturbed while the consequences of the 2011 catastrophe in Japan have been entirely prejudicial to the population.
Cruas nuclear power plant, France © Fred-niro, CC BY 3.0 (modified picture)

Still according to Greenpeace, a serious event in one of the French nuclear power plants would cost 120 billion EUR (158.6 billion USD) while a major event would raise the amount to 430 billion EUR (568 billion USD). These figures should be made closer to the current amount of the operator's liability which is set at 91.5 million EUR (121 million USD) by accident.

According to the NGO, the coverage in force being clearly inadequate, it is the insurance system that must undergo an overhaul with special focus and due care to transparency.

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