Insurers are scrutinizing scenarios for the spread of the Ebola virus

After several cases of Ebola infection have emerged in the United States, various scenarios for the spread of the disease in the population have been envisaged.

Photo credit: US Department of Defense According to the Insurance Information Institute, the risk remains manageable for insurers if tens of thousands of people get infected in the United States, even if the strain of the virus is particularly deadly (between 50% and 70% of those infected according to countries).

A third of Americans own a life insurance policy whose capital is generally equal to one year's salary. Another third benefits from an insurance policy in case of death worth approximately 200 000 USD.
American insurers compensate approximately 2 million beneficiaries per year for deaths covers. The death of an additional 100 000 people suffering from Ebola would increase the amount of compensation by 5%.

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