Introduction of the point-record driving license

Saudi authorities say the introduction of a point-record driving license is imminent, a measure designed to secure the roads of the kingdom. Nearly 485 000 traffic accidents occurred in 2013, claiming the lives of about 6 500 people.

Statistics show that 85% of the accidents are caused by driver negligence, 26% by speed and 21% are owed to violation of traffic lights. Drivers will therefore be under the threat of temporary or permanent withdrawal of license in addition to the payment of fine or even imprisonment.

The ministry of the interior announced a withdrawal of three months will be made if 24 points were lost by a driver in one year, six months if that happens twice, a year after three times, and definitively after the fourth time.
Driving under the influence of drugs will result in the removal of 24 points, 12 for violation of a red light and 8 for speeding.

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