Launch of an insurance dedicated to e-sports players

E-sport players are now endowed with the appropriate insurance. April-International, an insurance company specializing in travel has just launched a new product covering e-sports players against the risks to which they are exposed : damage to or theft of equipment, cancellation of participation in a competition abroad due to a health problem, etc. This guarantee makes it for policybolders to get back the expenses which are sometimes very high.

This offer consists of three packs:

  • the basic Amateur pack that covers the cancellation of participation in the competition,
  • the Challenger pack covering mental coaching and legal assistance in case of identity theft,
  • the Champion pack which covers even repatriation assistance or extension of forced stay as well as medical expenses in France and abroad.

This insurance offer protects e-sports players against unforeseen events such as material thefts reported during the last two major French LANs, the Gamers Assembly and the DreamHack Tours.

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