Microinsurance, a new lever for development

The potential of microinsurance "do not let the insurance companies in indifference." According to Caroline Phily, of the Fund for Innovation in Micro-Insurance International Labour Office (ILO), speaking on the occasion of the Meeting of Casablanca on Microinsurance theme, "what potential to improve penetration insurance ", "in 2011, 33 of the 50 largest insurance companies in the world offered microinsurance products."

In eight years, the number of micro-insured was multiplied by 7 from 70 million in 2006 to 500 million in 2013. Asia has, in itself alone, 400 million micro-insured, including 300 million in India. Latin America and Africa follow with respectively 50 million and 45 million micro-insured. The potential of microinsurance is, by comparison, estimated to be 2.6 billion customers for a total of 40 billion USD of insurance premiums worldwide.

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