Moroccan SMEs threatened by cyber-risks

ransomwareThe Société Centrale de Réassurance (SCR) has recently conducted a survey to identify the main threats facing companies, particularly the cyber risk.

The study covers Moroccan SMEs (small and medium enterprises) with a turnover not exceeding 175 million MAD (18 million USD). A large percentage of respondents (63%) classified cyber-attacks in third place behind changing market trends (77%) and fire (71%).

The use of work tools (computers, laptops, tablets) for personal use is seen as a major risk to the security of information systems. Teleworking and the use of the Cloud are also considered to be among the factors exacerbating the risk.

This survey was conducted following a workshop organized in 2019 by SCR, in partnership with Lloyd's of London, and the Centre de Formation de la Profession d'Assurances (CFPA) on the theme of "Cyber risks - Current situation and future prospects".

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