Motor insurance reform in Tunisia

According to the Heads of FTUSA, the new bill to reform motor insurance is designed "to offset the gaps of the current system of compensation concerning corporal damages of victims of accidents, and to ensure the health of the branch's finances".

The main changes concern the following points:

  • Responsibility, initially based on fault, should be replaced by objective responsibility, except when the driver is responsible for the accident: “On the assumption of a shared responsibility, the victim will be compensated 100% against 50% only for the driver”.
  • Medical expertise of corporal damages will fall exclusively with medical experts and corporal damage compensation specialists.
  • A “scalable system for the evaluation of the damage” will apply to judges and insurers alike.
  • Payment of compensation will extend to the spouse, the descendants, as well as the direct ascending of the policyholder.
  • An amicable settlement will become the first mandatory procedure before legal proceedings.
  • Drivers' awareness will be increased via prevention campaigns and the sensitization of the various concerned institutions.

Excerpt from the daily tunisian newspapaper, “La Presse” May 28, 2003

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