Partnership for the coverage of the forest heritage in Algeria

CNMAThe Caisse Nationale de Mutualité Agricole (CNMA) and the Direction Générale des Forêts (DGF) have signed a convention which will allow the CNMA to protect the forest heritage.

This partnership deals with a number of risks pertaining to forest exploitation. It includes the product "forest reforestation", multiple insurance covers designed for crop and livestock production as well various farm and forestry equipment insurances.

The coverage by CNMA of the third party liability risk is a fundamental achievement for DGF for it represents a key element in the contracts established between the contractors in order to exploit the forest. According to Ali Mahmoudi, head of DGF, the agreement consolidates the relations between the contracting parties.

The newly-concluded partnership completes the conventions signed by COOPSSEL, MAMEF and the Conseil interprofessionnel de la filière avicole (Cnifa) during the previous months.

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