Planes to cultivate the agricultural lands in Tunisia

avion pesticideIn collaboration with the Caisse Tunisienne d’Assurances Mutuelles Agricoles (CTAMA), the ULM- Aéro service has lauched on March 30th 2019 a technical demonstration of an agricultural land treatment by means of a plane, in Siliana, Tunisia.

The usage of planes may be highly beneficial for the agricultural productivity. A light plane covers 100 ha per hour while a tractor covers only 1 ha per hour.

In addition, this innovative technique will tremendously decrease the water expenses. In order to spread the pesticides, the usage of a tractor requires a great quantity of water while the usage of a plane takes significantly less quantity of water for the same result.

An aircraft can also be used regardless of the weather conditions and without damaging the crops. It is estimated that 10% of the harvest are destroyed due to classical treatments.

The CTAMA is launching a marketing and a commercialization campaign with the aim to encourage the farmers to adopt the new technologies. The customers will thus benefit from preferential insurance premiums. The CTAMA and ULM- Aéro service still await an operating authorization issued by the competent bodies.

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