Sanlam: the highlights

The highlights
  • 1910
    Establishment of the South African Union
  • Mars 1918
    Establishment of Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Trust en Assuransie Maatskappij (Santam)
  • Juin 1918
    Establishment of Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Lewens Assuransie MaatskappijBeperk (Sanlam)
  • 1921
    Transfer of the corporate department to African Homes Trust, a subsidiary of Santam
  • 1922
    Marketing of the first disability and income protection insurance in South Africa
  • 1923
    Expansion in South West Africa / Namibia
  • 1924
    Transformation of Sanlam, a subsidiary of Santam, into a mutual company
  • 1927
    Introduction of health insurance
  • 1929
    Establishment of a pension plan for municipalities
  • 1932
    Inauguration of Sanlam's headquarters in Cape Town
  • 1933
    Introduction of real estate loans and launch of a housing construction program
  • 1935
    Purchase of Santam's shares in African Homes Trust, later renamed Metropolitan Life
  • 1946
    Establishment of the Bonuskor company to reinvest shareholder bonuses
  • 1948
    Establishment of a representative office in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia)
  • 1949
    Membership in Life Offices Management Association
  • 1950
    Launch of an investment and fund management department. This department takes over all the investments previously made by Santam
  • 1953
    - Inauguration of a new head office in Bellville, Cape Town
    - Launch of activities in the mining industry
    - Creation of Federale Mynbou
  • 1954
    Amendment to the Articles of Association: Sanlam becomes an independent mutual life insurance company and the main shareholder
  • 1957
    Establishment of Sansom Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Siekte en Ongevalleversekeringsmaatskappy
  • 1960
    Establishment of Sankor (Sanlam Investment Corporation) and the Central Retirement Annuity Fund
  • 1961
    Proclamation of the Republic of South Africa
  • 1965
    Establishment of the Sanlam Art Collection Foundation
  • 1967
    Launch of the first Unit Trust
  • 1978
    - MetLife acquired from Trust Bank
    - Merger of Homes Trust Life and Metlife to set up Metropolitan Homes Trust, which was renamed Metropolitan Life in 1985
  • 1985
    Creation of SanKorp to undertake large-scale development projects
  • 1990
    Release of Nelson Mandela
  • 1993
    Sale of Metropolitan Life to Methold. The transaction results in the establishment of New Africa Investments Limited (NAIL)
  • 1994
    Nelson Mandela is elected President of the Republic of South Africa
  • 1995
    Conclusion of the first asset swap agreement allowing Sanlam's clients to invest abroad
  • 1996
    - Establishment of the Community Builder Fund and Sanlam Development Fund to finance development projects
    - Opening of the first foreign office in London
  • 1997
    Reception of the award for the best financial services website in the world from the Financial Times, UK
  • 1998
    - Demutualization of Sanlam and listing on the Johannesburg and Namibian stock exchanges
    - Restructuring of Sanlam into several independent companies around a federated structure Sanlam Ltd
  • 2001
    Creation of two separate boards of directors for Sanlam ltd and Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd
  • 2003
    - Establishment of Sanlam Development Fund, tasked with the economic development in Southern Africa
    - Launch of Shariah compliant investment fund Nur Equity Fund
  • 2005
    - Establishment of a presence in the Indian market through a partnership with Shriram Life Insurance
    - Creation of Sanlam Sky, specialized in funeral insurance and related services
  • 2006
    - Acquisition of African Life, Channel Life and Safrican
    - Launch of Sanlam iTrade, South Africa's first online trading portal for the insurance industry
  • 2007
    Start of asset management activities in Nigeria
  • 2008
    - Expansion into Kenya and Australia
    - Creation of MIWAY, non life insurer
  • 2010
    Sanlam Private Investments establishes South Africa's first Sharia-compliant portfolio management service
  • 2011
    - Establishment of Sanlam Foundation
    - Establishment in Malawi and Nigeria
  • 2014
    - Change of visual identity
    - Acquisition of MCIS Zurich Insurance (Malaysia), Soras (Rwanda), Oasis Insurance (Nigeria), MicroEnsure (UK) and EIC (Ghana)
  • 2015
    Acquisition of the insurer Nico Vida (Mozambique), Masawara Investments Mauritius (Zimbabwe) and Gateway Insurance (Kenya)
  • 2016
    - Acquisition of a 30% stake in Saham Finances
    - Purchase of Botswana Insurance Company
  • 2017
    - Sanlam increased its stake in Saham Finances to 46.6%
    - Acquired Pine Bridge (Kenya) and Lion Assurance Company (Uganda)
  • 2018
    - Capital increase
    - Celebrating a century of activity
    - Acquisition of the entire insurance division of Saham Finances for 1.05 billion USD
  • 2020
    - Entered into a partnership with African Rainbow Capital (ARC) Financial Services
    - Acquisition of FBN Insurance and FBN General Insurance, Nigeria
  • 2021
    - Rebranding of Saham Assurance subsidiaries in Morocco, Mali, Togo and Cameroon, the latter having adopted the name of Sanlam
    - June: acquisition of the risk and life insurance activities of Alexander Forbes Life
    - September: signing of a mutual transfer/acquisition agreement with NSIA
    - Sale of its UK life and pensions business
    - December: strategic combination of Sanlam and Allianz
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