SCOR: Actuarial Awards winners in 2020

ScorEvery year since 1996, the French reinsurer SCOR rewards academic work in the field of actuarial science.

For the year 2020, the SCOR Actuarial Awards, supported by the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science, have been granted to ten candidates from five different countries.

WinnersCountryAwarded onDissertations and Theses awarded
Sandra Brännstam
Sweden9 October“Calibration of SCR according to the standard formula applied on Swedish population data - based on Lee Carter modeling”.
Martin Bladt
Germany11 November“Statistics of extremes, matrix distributions and applications in non-life insurance modeling”
Bassant Abed
Germany11 November“Customer Churn Prediction in the Insurance Sector Using Machine Learning Methods”
Johannes Schupp
Germany11 November“Trend Processes in Mortality Models and Management of the Longevity Risk”
Maximilian Moriarty
United Kingdom26 November“A Mortality Experience Study for Evaluating the Longevity Risk of an Annuity Product”
Hamza Hanbali
France10 December“Systematic Risk in Long-Term Insurance Business”.
Dimitri Delcaillau
France10 December”(Control and transparency of complex models in actuarial science)”
Clara Adiceom
France10 December“(Strategic optimization of premium increase in household insurance upon renewal)”
Stefano Cotticelli
Italy18 December“Market and non-life premium risk in a dynamic insurance portfolio”
Alberto Zanotto
Italy18 December“Optimal reinsurance treaties: assessment of capital requirement and profitability for a multi-line insurer”

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