Severe weather persists and losses are becoming heavier

For several weeks, Great Britain has been facing important torrential rains. On December 27, 2015, rainfall reached "record levels": The counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire recorded between 80 and 150 mm of rain in 24 hours, the equivalent of one month's rainfall. Hundreds of people have been evacuated, 3 500 properties have been flooded and 7500 others have been left without electricity.

A crisis unit has been assembled under the leadership of prime minister David Cameron and military reinforcements have been deployed to help the disaster victims.

According to the audit firm PwC, economic losses would be between 900 million GBP (1.34 billion USD) and 1.3 billion GBP (1.94 billion USD). Insurable losses, they could be between 700 million GBP (1 billion USD) and 1 billion GBP (1.5 billion USD).

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