Special Women, Janine Diagou, board member and deputy general manager of NSIA Participations, general manager of the bank’s pole of NSIA group

She embodies the new generation of African entrepreneurs: major European schools, command over languages, know-how, address book, charisma. Janine Diagou has all the assets for success.

This quadra, mother of two children takes after her father. An excellent education in France and England crowned by a Master’s degree in financial engineering, obtained at Middlesex University in London, opened the doors of world labor to her.

After a first experience in a bank in Abidjan and a short passage at Mobil as an internal auditor, she “crossed the Rubicon" and joined the NSIA group, established a few years earlier.

In this project started by her father Jean Kacou Diagou, a lot of work remains to be done and Janine’s profile proved to be highly interesting. In addition, NSIA group’s ambitions are not confined only to insurance, but the group remains also quite keen on banks. Her path being marked out, Janine can but go on. She will have to roll up her sleeves and take part, slowly but surely, in the construction of a group of a continental scale.

Janine Diagou is currently NSIA Participations’ deputy general manager, general manager of the banking pole, NSIA Vie Côte d’Ivoire’s board chairwoman. She also serves on numerous boards of directors of the group’s companies located in West and Central Africa.

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