The Concorde lawsuit, the verdict has been handed down

After 10 years of litigation, the verdict in the case of the crash of Air France 's supersonic jet, which claimed the lives of 113 persons in 2000, was handed down on December 6, 2010. Found "guilty of manslaughter", Continental Airlines was ordered to pay a fine of 200 000 EUR (297 200 USD). It shall also pay over 1 million EUR (1.4 million USD) in damages to Air France for moral damage and harm to the image, 600 000 EUR (891 600 USD) to be paid to various primary health insurance funds and approximately 200 000 EUR (297 200 USD) to 12 civil parties.
The court established that the Concorde crash was caused by a titanium strip that had fallen from the plane of the American airline company. No sooner had the decision been made than Continental Airlines decided to appeal.

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