The first fine in the automotive history

Arnold Benz Motor Carriage

You have been reported for speeding? Keep calm, others preceded you.

The first of us all is Walter Arnold, the inventor of the Arnold Benz Motor Carriage of 1896 which is the first car in the world to be ticketed for speeding. The latter will, in fact, be exhibited from 1 to 3 September 2017 at Hampton Court Palace (London).

W. Arnold knew he would be fined. Not only was he driving at 12.9 km/h in downtown, but the driver was not preceded by a person on foot waving a red flag to warn pedestrians  about the arrival of a car.

At that time, the highway code was very firm. The maximum speed was limited to 3km/h in the town and 6.4km/h outside the built-up area.

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