The majority of Filipinos ill-prepared for natural disasters

CAT NATAlthough the Philippines record 20 cyclones on average per year, two thirds of the population remain ill-prepared for natural disasters, according to the DisasterNet Philippines study conducted by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI).

Over the last five years, 9.29 million Filipinos have been affected by a disaster and 42% of the population have seen their homes partially destroyed. Despite the danger, 47% of the population have reported that they did not take precautions to protect themselves against natural events during this period.

Only 36% of Filipinos consider themselves fully prepared for disasters. They are 17% to feel sufficiently insured. The HHI study also shows that 74% of the population is not able to prepare for the hazards of nature.

This study is the first national survey on the preparedness of Filipinos in the event of disasters. It was conducted with 4 368 respondents from all over the country between March and April 2017.

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