The P&I Club insurer ordered to pay 1 billion USD in damages

The Supreme Court, Spain's highest judicial body, has issued its verdict in the case of the "Prestige" oil tanker which caused in 2002, in the largest ecological disaster that has ever occurred in Spanish waters.

As a reminder, the tanker "Prestige" spilled about 63 000 tonnes of oil off the coast of Galicia, causing an oil slick that invaded the Iberian coast. Such pollution also reached the French and Portuguese waters. Cleaning the Spanish coast required the intervention of no less than 300 000 volunteers.

The verdict rendered on January 26, 2016 jointly condemned the Liberian boat owner, the captain and the British insurer, all recognized as civilly liable.

The London P&I (Property & Indemnity) Club has thus been ordered to pay 1 billion USD to the affected parties, which is the maximum limit mentioned in the marine transportation contract.

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