The third version of the Generali balloon in the skies of Paris

As you walk through Paris, you may be lucky enough to see a 23-meter-diameter balloon floating in the air; it's the Generali balloon.
ballon generali

Both a tourist attraction and a scientific measuring instrument, the balloon is,  at the end of March, accessible to the public wishing to enjoy a panoramic view of the capital.

Instruments designed to measure air quality are aboard the Generali balloon

As an insurer committed to the environment, Generali has equipped, since 2010, the Paris balloon with air quality measuring instruments. The novelty with the third version is the addition of devices for the calculation of the concentration rate of ozone (O3) at low altitude (between 0 and 300 m) in real time. The presence of "O3" molecules at low altitude is an indicator of air pollution rather than a sign of good health of the planet earth.

Lidar technology is also embedded in the Generali balloon. Thanks to its laser system, Lidar makes it possible to establish a 3D mapping of the fine particles floating in the air of Paris.

The Generali balloon changes color to indicate the purity of the air

It is easy to know the quality of the air. The Generali balloon displays information in the form of pictograms thanks to a LED belt. At night, the balloon changes color depending on the air purity.

The data collected by the Generali balloon can be consulted on the website or AirParif.

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