Yemenia Airlines ordered to pay compensation for three victims' families

The Bobigny district court (France) has sentenced the Yemenia Airlines to pay 1.2 million EUR (1.47 million USD) to three families of victims.

It is the first judgement given after the plane crash of Yemenia Airlines in 2009. The A310 Airbus, that crashed into the sea, shortly before landing in the Comoros, was carrying 142 passengers (among which 62 were french) and 11 crew members. In addition to this first conviction, the Yemeni company would also have to face two other proceedings filed by the same court.Yemenia Airlines has been under investigation since november 15, 2013 for manslaughter.

In civil cases, the company should also compensate the 650 beneficiaries of the victims claiming 70 million EUR (85 million USD) in damages. The judgment will be rendered on February 19, 2015.

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