Ticketmaster targeted by massive cyberattack: 560 million customers affected

ShinyHuntersShinyHunters, a group of cybercriminals, announced on 28 May 2024 that it had leaked the personal data of 560 million customers of Ticketmaster, the online ticketing platform. Customers' names, addresses, e-mails and credit card details were compromised as a result of this massive leak. The hackers are demanding 500 000 USD for the stolen data.

Detected in Australia, the security breach has prompted the Australian government to conduct an in-depth investigation. The FBI also offered its assistance to the Australians.

ShinyHunters, a group of hackers active since 2020, is notorious for its hacking activities. They have already attacked over 60 websites, sold confidential data on the dark web and blackmailed the pirated platforms' owners.

ShinyHunters' actions have cost targeted companies millions of dollars in losses and caused harm to hundreds of millions of individuals whose data has been sold to other criminals.

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