Top 10 costliest natural disasters in 2022

natural disastersThe British organization Christian Aid has published its annual ranking of the ten most costly natural catastrophes in 2022.

According to the study, the damages caused by meteorological events could cost insurers more than 168 billion USD (excluding the US winter storm in late December 2022).

The report only addresses the amount of insured losses, which means that the actual economic costs are likely to be much higher.

The December 2022 US winter storm could further burden the entire insurance market.

List of the ten costliest natural disasters in 2022

In billions USD

DateNature of the eventPlace Claim cost
From 23 September to 2 OctoberHurricane IanUnited States, Cuba100
From June to SeptemberDroughtEurope20
From June to SeptemberFloodsChina12.3
Throughout the yearDroughtChina8.4
From 23 February to 31 MarchFloodsAustralia7.5
From 14 June to SeptemberFloodsPakistan5.6
From 14 to 19 FebruaryStorm EuniceBelgium, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom4.3
Throughout the yearDroughtBrazil4
From 8 to 15 AprilFloodsSouth Africa3
From 14 to 28 SeptemberHurricane FionaThe Caribbean, Canada3
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