Atlas Magazine April 2023

Atlas Magazine, 20 years of publication

Fruit of a passion, Atlas Magazine celebrates its 200th issue and its 20 years of publication. Established in 2003, the magazine has managed to offer its readers structured information with verified and verifiable facts and figures.
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The success of the monthly magazine and its website is the result of a strategy whose distinctive features consist of three components: digital material, content creation and information.

The bet on new technologies, pursued since the creation of the magazine, has paid off, with Atlas always having the ability to publish in digital form, a choice made by the editorial staff which marks a break with the paper distribution in vogue at the beginning of the 2000s. The digital explosion has introduced a new way of consuming information based on mobility to which the monthly magazine has responded since its inception.

The second success of the magazine lies in the creation of content. Originally focused on the professional circles of Africa and the Middle East, Atlas has gradually widened the scope of its distribution to academic circles and researchers.

The editorial line and the choice of the treated topics make of the monthly magazine a generalist media open to audience from all walks of life. This policy of openness is crowned by an audience in constant development. Consequently, the article on road safety in 2017, global warming and blockchain in insurance together totaled nearly 300 000 views.

The audience growth can also be explained by the online availability of continuous information seven days a week and 365 days a year. Indeed, Atlas Magazine has never stopped informing its audience, even at the time when Covid-19 crisis was raging in full swing.

Finally, as a free medium, Atlas Magazine would not have existed, had it not been for the support of its advertisers, some of whom have accompanied the monthly magazine since its creation. This success is also theirs.

Atlas Magazine N°200, April 2023

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