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FANAF, an exemplary organization

FANAF, an entity designed to promote insurance at the continental level, that is the motto of the Pan-African organization which has just concluded its 43rd annual general assembly in Tunis. This is no fortuitous compliment but rather a reality that is being confirmed over the years.
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Established in 1976, with thirteen French-speaking countries from West and Central Africa, members of the CIMA Zone, FANAF has gradually attracted other companies from East Africa, the Great Lakes region and the Indian Ocean. North African insurers have also been under the spell of FANAF with numerous memberships reported during the recent years. Sign of rapprochement among countries of the northern and southern shores of the Sahara, FANAF’s annual general assemblies took place in Marrakech in 2017 and recently in Tunis in 2019.

FANAF owes this audience success to its policy of dialogue and opening initiated by the thirteen founding countries. Beyond the modest premiums' volume generated by its members, FANAF is first and foremost a forum, a unique space of convergence where it is possible to talk about insurance, exchange ideas and experiences and discuss past and future.

FANAF is a “syndicate” that advocates the interests of its members among the regulatory authorities, building partnerships with other entities or associations, hence its international reach and great visibility.

The other upside is about FANAF’s bodies which provide services that meet the expectations of their members. Information reviews, training programs, seminars, updated website and study trips are some of the services provided to members.

FANAF also stands for the transparency of figures. Two documents reporting the overall technical data of the member companies are annually edited and handed over to members and observers.

Endowed with its 214 member companies that represent 29 countries, FANAF is about to cover the entire continent. There are few professional organizations in Africa and the Middle East that achieve such success.

Atlas Magazine N°159, March 2019

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