Atlas Magazine November 2016

Insurance business and young talents

Hardly popular among the wide audience, insurance has been struggling to hire talented people. Its lack of attractiveness is a global cultural issue. The corporation is yielding a conservative image with an outmoded organization.

Rare are the youngsters who have a precise idea of what the insurance profession is. The business does not stand as a primary choice for newly graduates who would rather prefer a career in banking, auditing and consultancy firms. In fact those who get hired in the insurance business are there by coincidence or out of mere necessity.

Luring youngsters certainly requires monumental effort on part of the insurers who are required to break the clichés that confine them into a locked universe. The advent of the digital technology stands as an opportunity for the insurers to bring new blood to their staff composition and attract top-level competencies.

Nowadays, young talents are dreaming of trendiness, creativity, training prospects, salary, international openings and corporate culture. They are keen on joining big corporates which channel a positive image. Having a thirst for leadership, they are in search of a real challenging professional career.

Unfortunately, the management of human resources, especially in African and Middle Eastern medium and small enterprises, cannot meet all these requirements.

Failure to meet all or part of these requirements, the solution for some youngsters could come from immigration.

Atlas Magazine N°135, November 2016

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