Atlas Magazine February 2018

The advent of «AssurTech»

New technologies are causing an upheaval in the economic activity, introducing a real revolution like a tidal wave sweeping everything away as it passes by. Insurers, as well as bankers and other corporate executives, are at a loss not knowing what to do. They are torn between the patterns of the past and all the more futuristic visions.
Atlas Magazine N°148, Février 2018
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“AssurTech” are behind this movement. Real technological incubators, they are introducing day by day , innovative services and products on the market, combing Big Data, artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain. Innovation seems to be endless, with insurance foundation, market organization and everything else being reshaped and overhauled.

Up against this monumental worksite lying ahead of them, insurers are required to fall in line and cope with the overhaul of their business. New technologies are a windfall for insurance companies, especially those in the Middle East and Africa. They may make them set foot in a new era provided that they accept to invest in innovation.

Digital transformation will not go unfelt. It has for sure an impact on human resources, with some businesses seeing the light of day and other vanishing. Jobs such as general insurance agents or claim managers are under threat while others like data-scientists or programmers are highly sought. On a global level, thousands of insurance wage earners will have to seek new jobs. It is up to the companies to help them redeploy, hence the absolute necessity of budgets for ongoing training.

The digital revolution, already characterized by some as the fourth industrial revolution, is only at its beginning. It is bound to continue in the future with the risk of a huge gap emerging between those who will be shaped up and prepared to take full advantage of it and those who, for lack of courage, will be left behind.

Atlas Magazine N°148, February 2018

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