Atlas Magazine July 2008

To earn its own reputation

Although it is not directly linked to us, the information is pleasant enough to be picked and relayed. Insurance enjoys a good reputation. It is an inquiry conducted by the French Federation of Insurance Companies that confirms that.

Most people in France consider insurance to be a modern sector which contributes to boosting the economy. Satisfaction rate is even higher when it comes to the swiftness and amount of reimbursements.

It is not abrupt empathy that accounts for the high opinions associated with insurance, but the long and strenuous work which upgraded the profession and its practices, and improved its services, thus, its brand.

And what about insurance elsewhere?

Although comparison cannot always be reliable, yet it is useful to be confronted to the other, at least to know where we stand.

With the exception of very scarce initiatives, insurance perception in our countries remains stuck somewhere, like a lingering failure.

It is publicly assumed that insurance is regarded as a penalty, a necessary evil to cope with so that one can drive a car, start a commercial establishment, travel or set up a project.

The reasons are unquestionable and innumerable.

The sector looks like an opaque system in the hands of a daunting or even hostile bureaucracy: the picture displays bothersome aspects of officialdom, long waits, lack of understanding to such an extent that the mere fact of processing a file does amount to a miraculous achievement.

Yet for the business, the great miracle is to reverse that image and achieve global upgrading.

A lot remains to be done before we can hope to be persuasive and attractive. Our reputation is in our hands.

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